Environmentally Sustainability

Sophie Germanier Organic Wines are certified organic for Europe, Americas and China and have been since 2005. What this means is that in the farming of the grapes that go into wines, no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used to farm the grapes while in the cellar we keep the use of sulfites to the bare minimum. We try as much as possible to use light weight bottles to reduce carbon emissions during transportation. All the wines hold an IPW seal (Integrated Production of Wine).  These practices ensure that life can thrive on the farm and keep the soils healthy for generations to come while also reducing our carbon footprint when the wine leaves the cellar.

Societal Sustainability

Organic wines by Sophie Germanier are also WIETA Certified which is the gold standard in fair labor practices. It is based on standards of legislative compliance, working conditions, health and safety, and housing and tenure requirements.

Vegan Certified

Our wines are also suitable for Vegans as we do not use any animal based products during the wine making process. We are proudly certified by V-Label South Africa.

Organic Terroir

Our wines are produced from various parcels of grapes found in high quality Terroirs that are certified organic. This is essential for us to produce top quality organic wine without negatively impacting the environment.

Wine of Origin will be mention on the label or on tasting notes.

Due to a unique terroir, organic methods, low yield production and optimum ripeness, professional winemaking and permanent search for excellence… our organic wines have been awarded international recognition, namely through many qualities diplomas.

Organic Wine by Sophie Germanier
Organic Wine by Sophie Germanier
Organic Wine by Sophie Germanier


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