Bee Conscious / Honeybee Heroes

Honey bees are an incredibly important factor in global food production as 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees.

Through buying this and other organic certified wines, you are supporting businesses that are conscious of the importance of bees which are killed enmasse by harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides every year.

Being organic means bees can thrive on the wine farms where these practices are adhered to.


To entrench our beliefs even further, we have partnered with Honeybee heroes, a non-profit organisation, based in Stanford South Africa to prevent the decline of South African honey

1 South African Rand (R1) per bottle sold is given to the Honeybee Heroes association, our goal is to set up an apiary consisting of 20 hives South African honeybees on farms and private nature reserves countrywide far away from pesticides and other chemical.

Each hives is branded Bee Conscious by Sophie Germanier.

1 hive = 2000 bottles sold 
The funds will be used in the following steps: 

In doing so, we are empowering a new generation of women beekeepers who will be able to independently provide for themselves and their families. The funds will go towards this
woman’s training, beekeeping equipment and development. (Upliftment and education) Once the first apiary is set up we will continue with other apiaries.

Want to know more on Hoenybeeheroes ? Here is their website :


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