Sophie Germanier

My journey in wine began when I was a young girl having been exposed to wine through my father who was a winemaker and businessman in Switzerland. His passion and love for wine was contagious and empowered me to follow in his footsteps.

In 2014 I moved to South Africa to run the family business and was then encapsulated by all aspects of the wine industry from farming organically to exporting globally. I am passionate about the environment, and believe that organic practices play an impeccable role in sustainability and the longevity of the wine industry.

In 2020, I created my own brand called Organic wine by Sophie Germanier.

My vision is to have consumers move towards drinking more wine that is conscious about the environment and society as a whole. Through the creation of organic, sustainable wines that place quality and consciousness at the forefront of their values, Organic by Sophie Germanier will build towards that vision.

Organic Wine by Sophie Germanier
Organic Wine by Sophie Germanier

Jacques Germanier

In memory of my father, who was the driving force behind my desire to be in the wine industry and whos vision of farming organically sparked my interest in being conscious when creating wine, I have created the Jacques Germanier by Sophie Germanier brand.

This wine is available in Sweden, Switzerland and South Africa through our website.


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